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The Law Office of Casey Garrett & Kirk Oncken represents clients charged with state and federal white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes are generally classified in Texas, and by the federal government, as felony offenses. They carry severe punishments for those convicted, including large fines, imprisonment, probation and other penalties. The nature of the circumstances, and the severity of the crime, can dramatically increase these penalties.


A white-collar crime is a broad term that encompasses crimes that allege the deliberate deception of another party for the purpose of securing unfair or unlawful gain. Many of our clients who are arrested for white-collar crimes are professionals who have no criminal history and are dealing with the criminal justice system for the first time. Often, these individuals are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Do not take a chance with your future. Put our experience to work for you.  Casey Garrett is a Board Certified Criminal Attorney, and Kirk Oncken was recently rated one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas. Together they have over 40 years criminal law experience.


When you hire us and become our client, you will be confident that you gave yourself the best opportunity to reach a favorable outcome.


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