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Skilled Lawyers Defending Citizens on Weapons Charges in Texas


Weapons charges are often brought against ordinary citizens who are carrying a gun in their car or perhaps unknowingly in their luggage. However, such situations are often legal or not criminal, depending on the circumstances, and even though the accused does not have a Concealed Handgun License.  In many cases you are also entitled to the return of your gun after your case is over.


Many weapons laws have exceptions which, if not explored by your attorney, could result in a needless conviction.


Casey Garrett and Kirk Oncken have handled hundreds of such cases, most with very successful results. We have a thorough understanding of the weapons laws of Texas, and will leave no defensive theory or exception unexplored.


When you hire our firm, and become our client, you will be confident that you gave yourself the best opportunity to reach a favorable outcome in your case.


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