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Texas expunction is a complete deletion of an entire criminal file. This has its obvious advantages, but there are strict requirements for qualification. If you were:


  • Suspected of a crime, but never arrested
  • Arrested but never charged
  • Charged but the charges were later dismissed
  • Charged but were acquitted at trial
  • Convicted at trial, but reversed on appeal
  • Convicted at trial, but later pardoned by the governor

or received deferred adjudication for a Class C Misdemeanor;


then you may qualify for an expunction.


Sealing a record is not a total deletion of your record, but instead involves sealing it from public view by most, but not all, public entities.  This procedure is available when a deferred adjudication probation has been successfully completed, and also has obvious advantages.


When you hire us and become our client, you will be confident that you gave yourself the best opportunity to reach a favorable outcome, whether you seek expunction or the sealing of an appropriate record.


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