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Murder (first degree homicide) is one of the most heinous criminal charges, and when charged as a capital offense, can carry the risk of the most serious of all penalties; death. There are many degrees of homicide.  While all need to be handled by an attorney with the experience and knowledge our Firm possesses, when capital punishment is at risk there is no other choice than the Law office of Casey Garrett and Kirk Oncken.


Only attorneys who have extensive experience in trying homicide cases should undertake representation in such matters.  At the Law Office of Casey Garrett & Kirk Oncken, we have over 40 years combined experience serving people in Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas. Both of our attorneys have handled murder and capital murder cases during that entire time.


If someone in your family has been accused of murder, we can help.

When you hire us and become our client, you will be confident that you gave yourself the best opportunity to reach a favorable outcome.


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